Patented ShineMitt Media featured with SpinLite’s patented LED–Illuminated wash wheels. Attract more customers, enhance site navigation and deliver the quiet, gentle wash experience that brings them back again and again.

ShineMitt™ wash media is different. With their self-supporting design, ShineMitts™ deliver a noticeably better clean and shine — with over 4x the touches of traditional media.

This design allows the SpinLite® wheels to clean at much lower RPMs than traditional car wash equipment. In fact, ShineMitts™ provide up to 9x the cleaning and shining tips of traditional foam media.

The Lighted Advantage

SpinLite doesn’t just wash better; it looks better doing it. Like our illuminated in-bay systems before it, SpinLite uses patented LED-illuminated hubs with colors, light and motion to help attract more customers from the street and signal that you’re open for business.

The patented Active Site Marketing cycles 6 colors even after hours, to automatically promote your wash, 24/7. This Beacon Effect helps new customers discover your site and loyal patrons to find you again. During the day, the curb appeal is unmatched. At night, the color-changing light show attracts evening customers, extending profit hours so you can Own The Night & Rule The Day.

With SpinLite® wheels operating at 1/3 the speed of traditional fast-spinning wheels, it makes sense that they are more than twice as quiet The effects of the reduced noise level aren’t just noticeable — they’re dramatic. Customers are visibly less anxious and apprehensive. They are more relaxed. They are less likely to perceive a risk of vehicle damage. Most importantly, they are free to relax and enjoy the car wash.

Quiet and Gentle.

Customers can comfortably talk on the phone, listen to music, or interact with kids, pets and passengers during every wash